With Sick Note Kelly missing last week’s dramatic show we were all hoping everyone would be back on the X Factor this week to kiss and make up, but in a shocking twist it looks like Tulisa has caught the sick note bug and might miss this weeks show!

As part of her ghetto teen to X Factor Queen make over, Tulisa had veneers fitted over her teeth and now it seems they are giving her a bit of a problem. The singer spent most of Wednesday in hospital due to severe toothache caused by the £12,000 veneers. But despite this a source stated that Tulisa would never pull a sickie like Kelly did and is determined to be at the live shows

She’d never want to miss the important stages – and she wouldn’t sit out an entire weekend of live shows She’ll be there on Saturday if she has to be wheeled out.

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Tulisa pulls a Kelly a sickie. We’d love to see what happened if Dappy replaced her!