Everybody’s favourite Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon found it hard to hold her drink after she appeared to get a little tipsy on Alan Carr’s Sunday night chat show, Chatty Man.

It was apparent that 33-year-old Alesha left her well known lady like charm at the set of Strictly Come Dancing because with one glass of  rosé she was fighting fellow Strictly judge Bruno Toniolli for him to give her the bottle of wine back. Alesha even dropped the odd swear word and managed to have a little dig at The X Factor before downing the rest of the  rosé to herself. Talking about Strictly Come Dancing a tipsy Alesha giggled

Everybody is really frisky on the show though, you’ve got to be honest…. Everybody is horny – the year I was a contestant everyone was really gagging for it… eight to ten hours a day, rubbing up next to each other, of course you’re going to get a bit frisky…dancing is a very flirtatious sexual thing. Every year somebody gets together…

Host Alan Carr then went onto the subject of the rivalry between Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor which seemed to touch a nerve with Alesha who slurred on

I don’t understand why we can’t just enjoy both shows, I actually don’t think the public give a shit. It’s the producers and the media. The public will just Sky plus one and watch it later, they don’t care… they focus too much on the drama, and everything else other than singing.

After an eventful night it looks like the bottle of  rosé wore off as she tweeted to her followers apologising for her bad girl behaviour:

A girls night out with Alesha Dixon would be fun, imagine all the juicy gossip she would let slip after a Shandy. We’d be all ears.