If there was any sort of speculation that the X Factor is fixed, that Misha B being voted out was a set up, and that the winner has already been decided, then a link put up on HMV’s website today would most certainly prove it.

HMV added a page to their site earlier today to purchase Amelia Lily’s Winners Single, but with no similar page for the other two remaining finalists, Marcus and Little Mix. Fans of the show were shocked and angry that the winner had been revealed.

The site said the untitled single would be released on Monday 12 December through Simon Cowell’s record label Syco. Just three days ago Misha B had “predicted” her elimination, but now it makes us question whether she and the judges knew all along.

A spokesman for HMV today said:

It was an error. We are putting all three singles up so people have a chance to pre-order them all. But only the actual winner’s song will be processed. All three are uploaded to the site, but whoever was loading them only did one so far and hadn’t done the other two and not realised what a frenzy it would cause. There’s no conspiracy or no insider knowledge.

If that’s not the biggest lie you’ve heard all year, we don’t know what is. HMV should expect a very angry letter from Mr Cowell this Christmas.