It seems like since Sneakbo’s temporary stint in jail, he’s having to make some serious cut backs on his spending for video shoots.

The new video for Call me a Naija, the ‘Call me a Yardie’ remix with Stylo G dropped on 20 December on Channel AKA. However, forgive us if for a second we thought Sneakbo and Stylo G had hired some prostitutes and a drag queen to dance around them.

We’re not quite sure what the girl in the sequin leggings and gold sequin top is trying to do either, or why the stylist neglected her, but we expected a bit more from Sneakbo for his comeback. Also, we think it might be time for the Jetski Wave rapper to change his T-shirt.

Don’t get us wrong, the song is hot, but the girls are not. I guess this is what ballin on a budget looks like. Check out some of the pics from the shoot below: