Brian Belo, the winner of the eight series of Big Brother, has quit his role as the genie in the pantomime Aladdin because he was being bullied.

The loveable 24-year-old was apparently victim to a number of backstage pranks, such as his house keys, script and costume being repeatedly hidden. His Mum admitted that Brian had been reduced to tears over the bullying and will not be going back.

She said:

He won’t be going back. This isn’t like Brian, as he is quite happy-go-lucky, but this really hurt his feelings. I had to change the lock on the door of our house after his keys disappeared, because we were worried about getting broken into, but they turned up the next day. He was getting so frustrated and in the end he had to quit.

Even a late night visit from the panto’s producer couldn’t convince the Essex born star to return and he has now been replaced with the winner of the first Big Brother, Craig Philips. Keeping the role within the reality TV realm we see.

Whether you like him or loathe him, we’re shocked to hear this. We hope it doesn’t put Brian off appearing on our screens or stage again.