Every year there is always those same few celebrities that do all they can in order to remain relevant throughout the 12 months, and 2011 has been no different. It seems that they will stop at nothing in order to get their name out there and to be talked about. So which desperate celeb caught our attention the most?

5. Skepta

Don’t get us wrong, Boy Better Know’s biggest star stood out this year for a number of good reasons, with his album Doin It Again being released in January featuring hits such as Amnesia. However, what stood out most significantly was his interesting choice of video for his single All Over The House. Starring porn star Paris Rocksxxx this BBK porno caused quite a stir, even though the 29-year-old recently admitted it wasn’t meant to have gone viral the way it did. Well if you’re going to make an x-rated video all of a sudden Skepta, people are going to talk.

4. Wiley

The Godfather of grime hasn’t featured much in the charts this year but he has reminded us of his presence on Twitter. From giving out his BB pin, to pretending that an old song he recorded with Tinie Tempah had just been released, Wiley’s pretty much done it all. Most notably was his attempt to convince us he has been signed to the record label founded by Lil Wayne, Young Money. He was seen constantly  promoting and tweeting about new tracks from Young Money artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake and even changed his twitter name to feature ‘YMCMB’. Perhaps he’s getting a bit delusional in his old age.

3. Lady Leshurr

This femcee has caught our attention a few times in 2011. She dabbled in pole dancing for her cover of of Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now (as well as admitting at the start of the video that she looks like a 12-year-old girl) and then she later transformed herself in her SB.TV F64 with a more glamorous image than we’re used to.

But what we didn’t quite understand was the point of creating a fake beef on Twitter with MC Rival. Leshurr accused Rival of spreading rumours about her and the two were caught exchanging threats over our timelines about clashing on Lord Of The Mics. However, the next day the tweets were deleted and Leshurr claimed it was just a joke. Hmm. Despite the fuss she made about Pappzd writing about the fake Tweef we know she has our site bookmarked to check when she is featured on it again.

2. OG Niki

Need we explain why OG Niki is on this list? Well for those that may have been out of the country at the time, this 17-year-old had a sex tape ‘leak’ earlier this year and also admitted in her explicit lyrics for Spit Your Game that she had been batteried by six men. No, that was not a typo.

No one freely opens up about these kinds of incidents unless they are looking for attention. Her nasty shenanigans managed to launch her in to the spotlight for a few weeks, but she didn’t stay  famous for long. However, people are still referring to her (mostly as a joke or insult), which still makes her relevant months later and a strong contender for the biggest attention seeker of 2011.

1. Mario Balotelli

Where do we begin? This Manchester City footballer is rarely out of the news thanks to his crazy stunts. He has set off fireworks in his £3 million mansion, splurged on boy toys in John Lewis when he was only supposed to be buying cleaning equipment and even rubbed shoulders with the Mafia. On top of that, he was seen openly cheating on his model girlfriend with a porn star and allegedly had his Maserati confiscated. He appears to be in the headlines more than he is on the football pitch and for that we award him with the title of Biggest Attention Seeker of 2011. Congratulations Mario, you deserve it.