Moses Mathias (left), murdered schoolboy Giuseppe Gregory (right) in Manchester

A Mancunian teenager who became Britan’s youngest hitman at the age of 15 has finally been caught after going on the run for two years.

Police were on a massive manhunt for Moses Mathias who brutally murdered fellow schoolboy Giuseppe Gregory, 16. The teenager was so sought after that a giant electronic poster was beamed onto buildings in Manchester city centre and also at the main train station in the city. It was the first time a child had been named as a murder suspect on a wanted poster with police offering a £15,000 reward to whoever found him.

Mathias, nicknamed ‘Crazy Boy’ shot Giuseppe Gregory as he sat in a VW Golf in May 2009. His murder was a bungled revenge attack for the death of another teenager, Louis Brathwaite a suspected friend of Mathias, who had been gunned down in 2008.

Mathias disappeared after the killing and police issued a giant wanted picture of the fugitive teenager which was beamed onto buildings in Manchester. After fleeing the UK he was caught in Amsterdam this June when border guards checked passports on a high speed train he had boarded for Germany.

At Manchester Crown Court Mathias, now 18, admitted murder and was ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years.