Since So Solid Crew went their separate ways, we haven’t heard as much music from their individual members as we had expected to. Apart from a few tracks, such as Since You Went Away, which was released last year and the recent mixtapes from Ashley Walters, we assumed it was safe to say that So Solid are no more.

We didn’t even realise that Harvey was still recording. Maybe that’s because he hasn’t managed to stay in the spotlight for the best reasons since the crew separated. From cheating on his ex wife and one of the hottest woman in the UK, Alesha Dixon, to appearing on Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Harvey hasn’t shown us any real new talent on the mic, except for a couple of freestyles.

So forgive us for missing the fact that he has actually brought out a mixtape of his very own called Source Code, featuring artists such as Wretch 32 and Chipmunk and still seems to be working hard in the studio (or so his Twitter profile suggests).

But does Harvey have plans to re-unite So Solid Crew for old times sake and to record a remix of Skepta and Krept & Konan’s ‘Tour Bus Massacre’? On Thursday the 32-year-old tweeted:

We’re not going to pretend that we wouldn’t love to hear this. Let’s hope he makes it happen.