Mario Balotelli (right) with his younger bother Enoch

Mario Balotelli has proven that he is 2011’s bad boy with his womanising, firework popping, Mafia mingling ways. So maybe it’s time for him to put his feet up and retire from his menacing antics and make room for the new bad boy in town. Enoch Balotelli.

Mario’s little brother Enoch, who has been training with Stoke’s youth team for the past three weeks, has been offered a trial with the football team, so there may be a possibility that the 19-year-old will be here to stay.

Academy coach Dave Kevan talked about the Ghanaian born hopeful saying,

He’s a good boy, but a little bit raw. We’ll see how things go.

butter wouldn't melt?: Enoch (left) with Mario

A good boy you say? The last time the two brothers hit the headlines was when they were quizzed by Italian police for half an hour after they tried to sneak into a women’s prison simply because they were curious. What next?

All I can say is parents lock up your daughters, your houses and your fireworks because the Balotelli brothers are about.