A south east London father murdered his two children to spite his wife of 13 years after he was told he was to be evicted from their three bedroom flat.

62-year-old Jean Francis Say slit the throats of his eight-year-old daughter Regina and ten-year-old son Rolls whilst they lay sleeping, then made a chilling phonecall to his wife telling her he had killed them. Their bodies were found on 12 February by police, who Say called to the house.

The mother of the two children, Adjoua, had moved out with them to north London six months before the incident and Say was no longer entitled to the Southwark flat they once shared.

After killing his children, who he had custody of at the time, he called Adjoua accusing her of  ‘defaming him on Facebook’ then said

 I have killed your children. I have killed your children. I have called the police and am waiting for them.

The retired concierge called 999 and then redialled Adjoua’s  number telling her ‘come and get the bodies.’  When Say was led out of the flat he pointed to some documents regarding his eviction from the house and said “this paper is evidence of why I did it.’

Today at the Old Bailey Say, originally from the Ivory Coast, pleaded guilty to the double murders through an interpreter. He is due to be sentenced on Monday afternoon.