We don’t know if Katy B is still in hiding after we caught her wearing that disaster of a dress at the Mobo awards back in October, because we haven’t heard much from her over the last few months despite her recent claims that her hectic schedule is keeping her on her toes.

In fact the 22-year-old said she’s been so busy that she hasn’t had time to start writing a second album. She told the Daily Star,

I haven’t had time to write yet. Some people do it on tour, but I always have to be more focused to lay down the ideas… I’m only now starting to make notes of ideas and experimenting, so I can be inspired to know what direction to go in next.

We know it’s hard work Katy, but you’ve got to put your back into it, I mean Beyonce was allegedly working on her album throughout her pregnancy not to mention performing all around the world. So no excuses missy and lets hope with your new album comes a fresh new wardrobe.