Whilst we’re stuck in Britain enjoying the freezing month of December, boy band JLS have been soaking up the Caribbean sun during a well earned break on what was reportedly meant to be a lad’s getaway. But JB being the spoilsport loving boyfriend that he is, brought his girlfriend Chloe Tangney along with him.

Of course they did all the cute coupley things like splashing each other with sea water and wearing matching swimming costumes *rollseyes* And whilst Chloe kept it plain and simple with a scruffy bun and a polka dot two piece, we couldn’t help but notice JB’s man boobs.

When you’re part of a boy band who have a thing for removing their tops every other second, you would think all the members would have six packs to die for.

But then again who cares about man boobs when you’re sipping cocktails on a luxury beach in the Caribbean? Still, New Year’s is on its way so it’s not too late to sign up for that gym membership JB.

Just a suggestion.