At the recent unveiling of their new boy toys, Aston and Oritsé dressed to impress to match their new swanky cars.

We all know there’s nothing worse than seeing a fancy car pull up, and then a not so fancy driver comes out, so let’s see if Aston and Oritsé upped their game to match their new vehicles.

Both boys kept to their signature look. Oritsé seems to be going through a Mickey Mouse phase, but his leather varsity and baggy cargo pants make the outfit much more manly, and we love the colour coordination of the snapback and the t shirt, still not too sure about that hair colour though.

Aston is definitely loving the nerd look and we haven’t seen him without those glasses for a while now, his simple and casual look gets tweaked for winter with this wolly grey beanie and he tops it off with a Louis Vuitton backpack.

Looks like they’re learning.Who do you think looked the best out of these two JLS boys?