Celebrities will promote anything, especially if they can bag a few freebies along the way and in JME, Skepta and Lethal B’s case, their freebies were covered in 24 carat gold by luxury gadget customisation company Love it in Gold.

The brand, popular amongst celebrity clientèle and even royalty specialises in gold plating and has already customised products for Tinchy Stryder and Victoria Beckham.

We all know Boy Better Know brothers JME and Skepta love their iPhones, so it’s no surprise that they were pretty pleased with their smartphone’s new shiny look. JME’s iPhone even featured a purple mirror on the front so he can easily check himself out before a performance. Pretty cool eh?

Lethal B opted for the iPad instead, which we have to admit did look rather smart, apart from the big DENCH logo engraved on the back, but we were expecting that anyway.

Looks like we might have to get our smartphones blinged up too so we can join the cool club.