Apparently the official method of proving one is not a racist is by taking a photo with the insulted race, and England captain John Terry is keen to prove to the world that he is a fan of black people by posing with a black baby.

According to the Daily Mail, Terry was approached by a family in children’s store Hamleys where they asked him to pose for a picture with their baby son whilst another shopper captured the moment on their phone.

How convenient is it that Terry is snapped with a black baby days after he is told he will face criminal charges over his alleged racist comments towards another player? We don’t know what’s more embarrassing, Terry’s awkward smile or his poor attempt to show that he is not a racist.

Suarez, who is also charged with racially abusing a fellow player, made a photo of himself and a black baby public in hopes to clear his name.

Suarez's lawyer holding photo of Suarez and black child

They’ll be adopting children from Africa soon! Nice try lads.