US rapper Kanye West is planning on packing up his bags and moving to London. And before you ask, he’s not moving here to be closer to our beautiful women or to stuff his face on proper fish and chips. The 34-year-old star is making the move in a bid to be taken seriously as a fashion designer.

Kanye premiered his fashion line, DW in October during Paris fashion week and despite receiving mixed reviews, most of them bad, West believes moving to the capital city will help raise his profile.

A source told The Sun:

He went home for the holidays but was proclaiming that he is now based in the capital and would return in early January. He’s close to the lecturers and students at the Central Saint Martins College and being in London means he can stop by for advice any time.

The Gold Digger rapper has been spending a lot of time in the UK this year and even held a party for his clothing label in London last week before flying home for Christmas.

Well you’re definitely welcome in our city Kanye, just don’t forget to send us our invite to your house warming party or we will gatecrash.