By now everybody should know not to step on Dappy’s baby mother Kaye Vassell’s toes or go anywhere near her man. Unfortunately Twitter user UrsyCakess didn’t get the memo and felt Kaye’s wrath via Twitter. We’re not sure how long these two have been beefing or what started all of this, but judging from Kaye’s tweets UrsyCakess has allegedly been trying to ruin her and Dappy’s relationship. Oh dear.

UrsyCakess did respond to Kaye’s tweets, but deleted most of them before the whole Twittersphere had a chance to see them.

She did however leave a few up on her Twitter page

Well we certainly never want to find ourselves at the receiving end of a Twitter battle with Kaye! Was Kaye right to expose Ursycakess on Twitter, or should she have handled it offline?