With the X Factor final just hours away, the three remaining acts are trying to gain as many fans as possible and you would think that their biggest fans would be their mentors, but apparently not in Amelia Lily’s case.

It’s rumoured that Kelly Rowland is not showing as much love and support for her act as Tulisa and Gary are for theirs. It seems that Kelly is still feeling embarrassed that she originally voted Amelia Lily out in the first live show in October and thinks that it would reflect badly on her judgement if the 17-year-old singer were to win.

This week the final hopefuls returned to their hometowns with their mentors to visit their families, but Kelly only managed to stay at Amelia Lily’s house in Middlesbrough for 10 minutes, refusing to eat or drink anything, before returning to her hotel.

A family friend of Amelia Lily said:

Kelly couldn’t hide the fact she didn’t want to be in Middlesbrough and seemed to spend most of her time in a hotel. Amelia was out all day trying to drum up support while Kelly was nowhere to be seen. The feeling is she’s not too fussed about what happens and doesn’t really want Amelia to win.

The former Destiny’s Child singer even flew out to Germany on Tuesday to promote her new album as opposed to staying in the country to help prepare her contestant for her final performance.

An insider for the X Factor said:

Kelly seems to feel embarrassed about the situation. She dumped Amelia, so what would it say about her expert opinion if that girl goes on to win the whole competition? It would probably be easier for her if she doesn’t win.

Kelly made it clear that Misha B had been her favourite to win the competition, so with Amelia Lily now in the running, perhaps the Motivation star is secretly hoping she doesn’t get the record deal she felt Misha deserved?