A 50-year-old woman was jailed for ten years today after killing her husband in January because he wanted to watch football.

Leonora Sinclair of Enfield wanted to watch Harry Hill’s TV Burp but her 73-year-old husband insisted they watch a football match, the couple then got into a furious row which ended up with the pensioner being stabbed with a large kitchen knife in his left thigh.

Mr Sinclair was found by paramedics bleeding to death in the hallway of their semi-detached home and his drunk wife told Pc Gillian Bills on the way to hospital:

We had an argument about what to watch on TV. He wanted to watch football and I wanted to watch Harry Hill.

The court heard how Mr Sinclair was frightened of his wife because of previous assaults, he had also previously told his son Vincent that Mrs Sinclair had broken his arm.

Mrs Sinclair denied stabbing her husband and claimed he was injured on a broken wine glass. She was cleared of murder, but a jury at the Old Bailey found her guilty of the manslaughter of her husband.