When Lisa Maffia isn’t performing or blogging about fashion, the platinum selling singer spends her time reading books by Crime author Martina Cole, famous for her books on gangs, prostitues and murders.

Belonging to one of the most famous collectives in the UK , So Solid Crew, Maffia probably isn’t a stranger to danger. In 2005 Carl Morgan, a producer for the group was arrested for murdering his former girlfriend’s new lover. And in 2006 Megaman found himself in court facing a gun-related murder charge, of which he has now been cleared. G-Man, who wrote the hit song 21 seconds and the former boyfriend of Maffia was jailed for four years in 2003 after being found guilty of possessing a loaded handgun

The former reality star was boarding a flight to Northern Cyprus on 9 October when she bought Cole’s latest book Hard Girls, which is about the serial murders of prostitutes in the UK.

Perhaps Maffia is building up her skills for her own crime novel one day. Now that would be a good read.