BBK’s Jammer must be having a field day as HMV stores all over the country have sold out of Lord of the Mics DVDs.

Lord of the Mics or LOTM is a DVD that features the year’s most anticipated MC clashes as well as a bonus CD full of the hottest grime songs and exclusive freestyles.

Fans tweeted their frustration as HMVs nationwide sold out of the DVD, with some buyers even travelling across cities in a bid to find it.

LOTM reportedly sold out in Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, Cambridge, Cardiff and many other major cities so if you’re trying to get your hands on one of the most talked about DVDs this year, you better pray that your best friend will make you a copy.

The DVD features clashes between Jammin and Clipson, Tre Mission and Jendor and many others. It also includes interviews and behind the scenes footage as well as some fresh, tracks from artists like D Double E, Wiley, Skepta and JME.

And with HMV in millions of debt, they might want to send Jammer a little thank you card for all his continued efforts.