After the Twitter allegations that Mario Balotelli was spotted driving his red Ferrari, handing out money to passers by whilst wearing a Father Christmas costume turned out to be false, the Italian born footballer must have been thinking of  ways to get moved from Father Christmas’ naughty list to his nice one in time for the big day.

The 21-year-old started his day by dropping by the Tudor Pub in Peel Hall, Greater Manchester where he took photos and chatted with the locals before he generously put £1000 behind the bar on Christmas Eve.

The Tudor Pub in Peel Hall

His good will continued up to Christmas day where he attended midnight mass at St. John’s church in Chorlton, Manchester with girlfriend Raffaella Fico. Witnesses claim to have see the Italian star put £200 on the collection plate. Then on Christmas day he was invited by the shocked reverend to have Christmas dinner with the homeless at a function the church was organising.  A witness said,

Nobody could believe it when he walked in… The last thing anyone expected was a big celebrity like him turning up for the service but he was very polite and charming and didn’t draw attention to himself.

If that wasn’t enough to make Mother Teresa look bad, Mario spent Boxing day buying drinks for people in local pubs before touring around a council estate in Wythenshawe, south Manchester. A source said

He was very down to earth. Everyone wanted to talk to him and he took it in his stride… It’s not a smart pub, so it was a big surprise when he walked in.

So Mario did all this just so he wouldn’t get that lump of coal that Father Christmas had saved just for him? Maybe he really is planning on behaving come 2012.