Apparently Beyoncé’s Dad, Matthew Knowles, thinks he has discovered the next Destiny’s Child in the form of British girl group From Above.

The group, which includes Seyi Joshua, 25, Chelsey Reynolds, 23, Daisy Evans, 21, Ashley Shaw, 21, and Monique Robert, 23, impressed Knowles at their 2008 showcase in London and have since been signed to his Music World Entertainment label.

The music mogul, who used to manage Destiny’s Child before they went their separate ways, has even gone as far as comparing From Above to his daughter’s group. The word blasphemy springs to mind.

He said:

From Above has all the ingredients: great singers, great looks, great personalities—and they’re all friends. When I first met them in 2008, they reminded me of Destiny’s Child. Right now, there are very few girl groups out there, so there is a big opportunity for From Above.

If you don’t want to take his word for it (which we didn’t) check out the video for their début single Not The Same Girl’:

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The girls are definitely talented, but we think we’ll need to hear a few more songs before we make any drastic comparisons.