Meet the Adebanjo’s is set to go worldwide after producers MTA Productions signed a deal to broadcast it in Africa and America.

The sitcom based around the lives of a Nigerian family living in the UK began as an online show earlier this year after British broadcasters were reluctant to acquire it.

After gaining mass recognition and a growing fan base by doing it themselves, Meet the Adebanjo’s  has since won numerous awards including a BEFFTA, NEL and a ZAFFA.

Season Two is already in the pipelines but in the meantime the success of Meet the Adebanjo’s means that Season One will now be aired across the globe in countries like Nigeria (Silverbird TV), Uganda (Urban Television) and the USA (Afrotainment – Dish Network).

This is in addition to the show airing in the UK and France on VOXAFRICA (SKY 218)

We can’t wait for Season Two and with the BBC now finally showing interest in the comedy who knows what will be next for Meet the Adebanjo’s!