Misha B wasn’t the happy bunny we’re used to seeing after her performance at SBTV’s Christmas party on Wednesday night.

The Mancunian star was announced to the crowd as an X Factor runner up with a mention of Missy Elliott’s name, who Misha is rumored to be working with. But after her performance the 19-year-old came off stage a little less chirpy than usual.

A source told Pappzd

As soon as Misha came off stage it was obvious something was wrong, she looked lost for breathe and teary eyed. She didn’t even stop to talk to anyone, and walked straight through the backstage area and found a quite spot away from everyone, I heard her say she wasn’t happy with her performance and asked for a bottle of water whilst someone comforted her.

Well we saw her performance and we thought she was fab, but if you still need a cuddle Misha, you know where we are.