Misha B has gained herself a lot of attention lately and not only from us normal folk at home, but from celebs such as Fazer, Lethal B and Missy Elliott. With at least one new story every week about someone wanting to work with the Mancunian star, it got us wondering whether these stories are nothing but rumours.

Misha is rumored to be working with Fazer, appearing in a Tim Burton movie and possibly attending a studio session with Missy Elliot. But a recent tweet from the X Factor reject gave the impression that both the US and UK stars may be a bit to busy to fit her into their schedules before the year ends.

Misha tweeted just two days before the X Factor finals that she was looking for producers to work with. Now either Misha just wants to share her fame and talent or Tulisa has grounded Fazer from any studio time.

And we think we know the answer to that one!