It’s safe to say Misha B had the most powerful voice on this year’s X Factor, but could all that talent have gone to her head?

Apparently the 19-year-old demanded to have her own dressing room in the week before she was voted out on Sunday’s show. She was said to be sick of being pestered for autographs in the bar area of the studios after her performances and wanted her own room so that she could relax with her family and friends.

Misha may have taken on songs by some huge female artists and well deserved divas during her time on the X Factor, such as Whitney and Tina Turner, but we don’t think this quite justifies her acting like one. Even a part in a Tim Burton film doesn’t mean you’re a diva yet honey.

At the moment, only the four judges have private dressing rooms and the producers (rightly so) ended up rejecting her request.

An insider said:

It has been pretty clear from the outset that Misha is too big for her boots. The studios aren’t the most ­glamorous in the world but for Misha to ask for this is ­outrageous.

Could this behaviour have lead to Misha’s downfall in the competition? Maybe she was too much of a diva for X Factor to handle? Nevertheless, we’re sure she will still go on to be successful and perhaps one day she will be given a dressing room to call her own.