An up-and-coming model has been jailed for five years for hiding a sub-machine gun, used in an unsolved murder in a baby’s nightdress.

The Mac 10 sub-machine gun was used to shoot 24-year-old Larry Malone at his aunt’s home in West Norwood, then wrapped in a baby’s nightdress and hidden in a rucksack. It’s believed Shevonne Legister was handed the gun by her boyfriend Lemuel Robinson, 27, and alleged fellow gang member Andrew Cross, 28, after the killing.

21-year-old Legister was followed by police the day after the murder and was seen handing a rucksack containing the hidden gun to another gang member before officers arrested them.

Legister, Robinson and Cross were cleared of murdering Mr Malone. But all three admitted and were convicted of lesser charges after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Sentenced to jail: Lemuel Robinson, Andrew Cross

Legister admitted possessing the illegal firearm but denies that she knew it had been used in the earlier killing. Robinson, of Colchester in Essex, and Cross, of Sutton in Surrey, were jailed for 10 years and 11-and-a-half years respectively for their possession of the gun.

No one has been convicted of Mr. Malone’s murder.