It’s been reported that American singer Nicole Scherzinger is considering getting back with her ex boyfriend and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton but only on one condition, he gets down on one knee and pops the question.

The couple broke up back in October after a four year relationship as it was speculated that Lewis wasn’t ready to commit, which didn’t go down too well with Nicole. A close friend to the X Factor US  judge told More magazine,

It seems Nicole’s told him that if he’s serious about getting back together, the only way to prove it is with an engagement ring… I’m sure Nicole was devastated when they broke up. She seemed so heartbroken. But she’s very strong-willed. I think she pushed through it and has been quite happy in recent weeks.

You would have thought that Nicole’s proposition would make Lewis run a mile but a close source said that the 26-year-old is actually coming round to the idea.

  I think he wants Nicole back and now he knows what needs to be done, the ball is in his court. I don’t reckon Nicole would be concerned with the size of the ring, but knowing Lewis, it will be a serious rock.

So is a wedding on the cards? We’ve got a feeling we’d better get our hats ready.