To get in to the festive spirit we  have decided to get presents for some of the celebs this year and reveal one a day in the run up to Christmas. Just think of us as the UK urban Santa Claus and this as the 12 Days of Christmas remix.

However our generosity will depend on whether we think the celebs been good or bad.

First up, Chipmunk…

Chip Diddy Chip has done pretty well this year, working with some big names in the industry, including Trey Songz and Chris Brown and releasing an impressive mixtape, Apart from his little tiff about the MOBOs being a conspiracy, we think overall the rapper has been well behaved and worked hard.

Pappzd Santa verdict: Good

To reward Chipmunk we thought we would get him something that would fit over his enormous head he could wear. We were a bit too strapped for cash to get him some new diamond rings, so instead we thought we would buy him a hat. We came across a site called Max Cap that custom makes hats for larger heads, which we think would be perfect for the Champion star. Although it may not be a designer brand, it will fit him well. Literally.