There are a few too many members of Boy Better Know for them all to receive presents from Pappzd this Christmas, but considering the amount of times Jammer’s name has been mentioned in 2011, we thought he deserved something.

At the moment the MC is hard at work promoting Lord Of The Mics 3 and he’s not doing badly at all, even managing to get HMV to stock the hard copy of the CD. However, he hasn’t spent all of his time on Twitter as productively.

Need we remind you about his rant at Ghetts for being broke and a grime sell out? What about his announcement that the police had confiscated his weed? And best of all, his transformation into the ‘incredible sulk’ after rumours circulated of Ghetts punching him following their tweef?! Well he did ask for it.

Pappzd Santa verdict: Bad

Jammer may be putting the work in right now and impressing us with LOTM 3, but we can’t say the same for his behaviour throughout the rest of the year. We have therefore decided to get him a present to stop him getting in to any more trouble with his fellow artists: a camouflage jacket.

Forget a Moncler though, Pappzd found a cheaper jacket for the party animal star. Perhaps if he wears this he will blend into the background a bit more so that he can avoid getting (supposedly) punched in the face or into any other fights and focus on making some more music.