If you thought we may have been neglecting the ladies so far then let us reassure you we aren’t. The next Christmas present on our list goes to Katy B.

The singer has had a busy year, going from strength to strength, with her catchy tracks getting tonnes of airplay. She also supported Tinie Tempah on tour in Spring and performed on stage at the MOBOs in October, where she was nominated for two awards. The 22-year-old has been hard to miss.

Pappzd Santa verdict: Good

It’s fair to say that Katy B has worked hard enough to avoid a place on the naughty list, so Pappzd would like to reward her with a present that we think will enhance all those live performances she is sure to have in 2012: dancing lessons.

Is it just us or does the Lights On singer only have one dance move? She looks like she could do with a bit of choreography assistance for when she’s on stage, so we think some street dance lessons will come in handy.

We found a course that has dance routines by the Pussycat Dolls and Beyoncé, and that welcomes beginners (we don’t want to throw her in at the deep end). They even offer additional courses in house dancing and Jamaican dancehall if Katy decides she wants to try something else while she’s there.

We hope to see some of these new moves at her next show.