For the second day of Christmas we were feeling extra generous and decided to treat two celebs to a gift. The lucky individuals being Krept and Konan.

However the rappers (and part time comedians it seems) have not been on their best behaviour this year. Although they managed to make us laugh with their Otis cover back in September, it caused a few problems with Youtube and Jay-Z himself. The duo were accused of fixing the number of views on their video and even rumoured to have been told by Jay-Z to take the remake down due to copyright issues.

Pappzd Santa verdict: Bad

For ending up on the Pappzd naughty list, we decided to buy Krept & Konan a boring (but necessary in their case) gift: Patents, Registered Designs, Trade Marks and Copyright for Dummies.

We suggest you boys brush up on these rules to save yourself from repeating your mistakes in 2012.