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When the Future King and the Duchess of Cambridge make their royal visits, we are expected to see plenty of firm handshakes, delicate curtsies and the finest of etiquette. But on a recent trip to Centrepiont’s Camberwell foyer in south London, Prince William decided to get down, showing off his embarrassing-dad-at-a-wedding-esque dance moves in front of press, members of the charity and of course his wife Kate.

The Prince met 18-year-old nursery nurse Vanessa Boateng, who moved to the centre which looks after homeless teens after she had experienced family problems, and she spoke about the moment Wills did the ‘swag dance’

“William asked us what we thought about what he wore to his wedding. He said, was his suit dapper?… I said: ‘No, your swag was on point.’ He repeated my words and said ‘swag’, then he started doing this dance… In the main foyer he called me over, he said we should do it again and people started taking pictures and filming us… He’s fantastic, he’s great, me and him are friends,’ she added.

Well, it was good enough for king of rap Jay-Z and a US Presidential candidate (Barack Obama), so why not Wills?

So what’s next Prince Harry doing the Dougie? Now that would be something.