He’s certainly no Ross Kemp but Reggie Yates has swapped his radio headphones for a bullet proof vest in his new investigative  documentary Teenage Gangs UK. We’ll see Reggie meet young gang members who are trying to break free from the gang culture and it will show the Radio 1 Chart Show presenter meet up with the former leader of south London’s most feared street gang.

The show will be part of a strand of BBC Three crime documentaries including My Criminal Family, Underage, Graphic and Criminal which will feature raw footage of crime being captured on CCTV, being witnessed by victims and the public. BBC Three controller Zai Bennett said:

Our season of programmes around crime and justice will look at what it’s like to be a young adult in the UK today from the perspectives of both the victims and the perpetrators of a crime.

Well it’s definitely a far cry from Rastamouse. Though we did see a serious side to Reggie in the Red Nose Day documentary Famous, Rich, and Living in the Slums where he lived with four other celebrities in  on of Africa’s biggest slums, so we’re sure he can pull this one off.