A 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old are still being questioned after Anuj Bidve, 23 was shot in the head on boxing day as he made his way to Salford with friends for boxing day sales.

The shooting happened at around 1.30 am when Anuj was asked for the time, moment’s after he gave the time to the passerby he was shot in the head. Anuj was making his way to a Next store in Salford with friends for the 5 am boxing day sales. Greater Manchester police who have held the two men for further questioning have said they are treating the death as hate crime.

Superintendent Kevin Mulligan said detectives we’re not ruling out that the shooting may have been racially motivated. He said,

A racially-motivated crime is when there is actual evidence to show that it is the actual motivation for the crime. By definition, is something that a community or anyone perceives is racially motivated

Investigation’s into the killing continue.