Ed Sheeran got himself an early Christmas present this year after announcing he had created his own record label. The label, named Paw Print records, ensures that Sheeran will own full rights to all the work he produced before being signed.  Ed tweeted

I now have my own record label called Paw Print records, I signed all my old EP’s to myself, so I still own everything… The 5 EP’s that got me where I am today.

And as if that wasn’t a good enough present, Ed’s album ‘+’ has also reached double platinum this week! But it doesn’t stop there. On returning from Denmark on 9 December The Lego House singer reached the UK border to find out that he is now iTunes artist of the year, tweeting

Back from Denmark to find out I won the iTunes new artist of the year award and ‘+’ has gone double platinum. Good start to the day!

All five of Sheeran’s EP’s will be available to download on his label Paw Print from 12 Dec.