Skepta fans watched in shock as he released, what many have called a pornographic music video to his single All Over The House. But until now the Boy Better Know artist has been pretty quiet about the vid. In a recent interview with Tale Tela, Skepta explained how the raunchy idea came about.

I made a song that was about making love to your partner. I wanted to do a video and I thought to myself – ‘I don’t want to be in the video, pretending to be kissing some girl or acting out what I said in my song. Hold on Skepta, why don’t you actually just make an x-rated video?’ I’m a big man, I watch that kind of stuff sometimes

The 29-year-old then went on to explain how he didn’t plan for the video to go viral or to be made public to basically anyone who isn’t interested in porn

I didn’t tweet it, I didn’t put it on Facebook, I didn’t send out no Blackberry broadcast, I didn’t put it on my iPhone What’sApp, nothing. That just went on there [Paris Rocksxxx’s website] for her to promote cos she just started out… All of a sudden people found it and started posting it around.

The controversial rapper then concluded by blaming the people who tweeted the link for the video going viral, as it was only meant for the website it was uploaded onto, and ended the interview by calling his video ‘creativity’.

Well we’re not sure we would use that exact same word but the video was definitely a highlight of the year.