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Speaking with ADTV Skepta shed light on some of the difficulties that women who date men in the music industry face and how dating an artist can be hard at times.

Being one of the UK’s biggest rappers, the Boy Better Know star is bound to be familiar with the subject of dating women whilst being in the spotlight and admitted that girls have to be very strong to cope with all the attention their man might get from groupies and female ‘fans’. He said

As a girl it’s gonna be hard man, I understand, everyone’s human…You’re with an artist… obviously people are going to be out there chatting rubbish like ‘I got his number, his pin’ and all that but obviously that’s how it goes man…You just gotta be strong. You gotta be very very very strong.

Skepta implied that it is the women’s choice to be in this type of relationship and that the artist shouldn’t have to change for them.

And I don’t think it’s down to the artist to do anything ’cause he’s got to be himself.

However, he added that it is the man’s responsibility to make time and effort when they can and prove that their girlfriend is special.

Aww we always knew he was a sweetheart.