Who remembers Funky Dee? Well apparently when he’s not making music he’s stealing tweets. That is according to Rinse FM DJ Funk Butcher.

On Sunday Funk Butcher called out the artist and overloaded his Twitter with accusations that Funky Dee was ‘biting’ his tweets. He also made a number of threats, daring the Are You Gonna Bang star to copy his tweet again, which lead to many tweeters getting involved.

From what we saw, there were some definite copyright issues, for example:

It seems that Funky Dee hasn’t heard of a re-tweet and just clicked copy and paste.

Check out Funk Butcher’s rant:

At first Funky Dee ignored it and refused to reply, however after his mentions caught on fire by other tweeters he responded saying:

Um we’re not sure whether being known as a Twitter thief is the best promo Funky Dee..but we guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity *side eye*