Sneakbo took time out to chat with DJ Semtex and finally broke his silence on his time in jail, spoke about his future plans and the situation between him and Drake that had the whole Twittersphere buzzing.


Speaking on going to jail Sneakbo said

I felt like I’m just losing my chance, like my career is on the line…I’ve made it this far and I’ve come from Brixton and I’ve got out of that little conflict stuff and all of that and I’ve made it this far and now I could just lose my chance… so I was really shocked and stressed but I’m back now.

On Drake

We spoke but obviously, I don’t want to talk to much about that but yeah Drake hollered he’s on a jetski wave.

Could this mean a collaboration sometime in the future? Meanwhile Sneakbo insisted that he usually doesn’t get in trouble and this was a one off *side eye*.

Check out the rest of the interview in the video above.