Performing in front of 20, 000 fans is sure to work up an appetite, which we’re sure Rihanna knows only too well. On Thursday night the Bajan singer ventured out into central London after her concert at the O2 Arena for some junk food to re-charge her batteries, and where better to go than McDonald’s?

The You da One singer made a visit to the McDonald’s in Charing Cross, even queuing up like us mere mortals, but wasn’t mobbed by fans and customers asking for autographs, because apparently hardly anyone recognised her.

A source told the Sun:

It was amazing to see one of the world’s biggest female stars queueing like everyone else. I was the only one who realised it was her. She took her food, paid and slipped away — no one batted an eyelid.

Considering Rihanna was wearing no disguise, we find it rather strange that more people didn’t recognise the pop princess. If Pappzd had been in there it would have been a very different story.

Ri-Ri seems to be making a habit of trying to blend in with the public in London, remember her underground journey in October?

Perhaps we should start a Rihanna watch whenever she’s in town.