Big Brother might be over but we still have our beady little eyes fixed on what the contestants have been getting up to after the show, and with OK Magazine hosting a Big Brother party on Wednesday night in London, we were happy to see our Tashie Jackson and Maisy James in attendance.

But with both girls wearing the same T Shirt to support the charity Tashie founded, Reality Relief, who pulled it off the best?

These two reality stars are almost inseparable. We rarely see one without the other nowadays and now they’re even stepping out in the same outfits!

Tashie teamed her T-shirt with a fitted pink skirt, whilst Maisy wore those little hot pants that are so inappropriate for winter, but look sexy enough that we don’t even care.

With Maisy wearing her signature grey hooded scarf and both the girls showing off those gorgeous curls, how will we ever decide who looked hotter?