This year saw a very controversial season of the X Factor, and as usual half the attention was taken by the judges, their arguments, song choices and outfits. Tulisa was asked to step into the shoes of the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole, and we all watched in awe as we saw the former N-Dubz singer develop from a chavvy teenager into a glamorous star, and we’re so proud!

On Stage:


Tulisa’s stage wardrobe underwent a massive transformation as news came that she was to be one of the X Factor judges. Swiftly swapping her pink tracksuit and blonde extensions for a more demure look, quicker than you can say Little Mix, Tulisa stayed safely within the realm of black skin tight clothes and dark curly extensions.

With Co-workers:


Tulisa upgraded her crew from band-mates N-Dubz to the international stars on the X Factor panel, and in doing so had to up her style every week to compete with the fabulous Kelly Rowland. Their weekly battle of the outfits sometimes proved even more exciting than the acts!

On the Red Carpet:


Rarely seen on the red carpet alone back in those days, N-Dubz showed up to the 2009 MOBO awards in an interesting selection of patterns, colours and textures which none of them would ever be seen in today. Tulisa’s dress looked like a market stall best-seller and her bag, which she tried to hide behind Fazer, is just not cutting it.

This year Tulisa showed up to the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere and strutted down the red carpet all by herself rubbing shoulders with some of the hottest celebs. She wore a little feather mini-dress from Warehouse and her teeth, which cost a whooping £12,000, definitely added some Hollywood glamour to her outfit. Look how far she’s come!

And there you have it 2011’s biggest transformation. We have to give thanks to Simon Cowell because without him Tulisa would still be wearing trackies and have wonky teeth. Now all that’s left to do is keep our fingers crossed for Cowell’s next project.