Tulisa Contostavlos seems to have forgotten that being a celebrity means once in a while some newspaper or blog will write a story on you that may not necessarily be true. Like having a sex tape for example. We wonder what happened to that rumour.

The X Factor judge complained to The Sun’s TV Buzz, about fake friends who have sold ridiculous stories about her to newspapers

The amount of people that have come out of the woodwork selling stories, I can’t stand it, horrible people that used to be part of my life and talk to the press like they know me, but I don’t know them anymore. I was in Tesco and saw this headline saying: ‘Tulisa can’t take it anymore!’ But here I am strolling around the supermarket. Another story said my boyfriend was going to break up with me before Christmas. It’s all made up

Oh dear, we hope the boyfriend one’s all made up too. We were hoping on an engagement between the pair this Christmas!