It seems that Wiley has found a way  to benefit from Tinie Tempah’s recent success by re-promoting a song that featured Tinie (and Scorcher) way back in 2007.

As many grime-heads will know, the song in question Flyboy, appears on Eskiboy’s third album Playtime is Over. But Wiley is leading many fans to believe that the track is actually new. On Wednesday Wiley took to Twitter to encourage his followers to buy the ‘new’ track featuring himself and Tinie, including a link to the iTunes download.

Although he was aware he was fooling his fans, he wasn’t deterred and even found it amusing:





In his defence, the MC explained that the song could in fact be considered  ‘new’ if people hadn’t heard it yet. He tweeted:

Hmm, although he may have a point, it looks to us like Wiley is just finding a way to cash in on his fellow UK artist’s success in the industry. Since he brought the track to Twitter’s attention on Wednesday morning, many people (most probably Tinie Tempah fans) tweeted about how much they loved the ‘new’ song. Bless them.

Maybe Wiley will re-release all his old material now that he’s gained a bit more attention. The power of Twitter eh?!