We all remember the controversial story, publicly known as ‘Gamugate’ that involved a then 18-year-old Gamu Nhengu, who Cheryl Cole shockingly didn’t put through to the live finals on the 2010 series of the X Factor. Then came the revelation that Gamu wasn’t put through because she and her family were staying in the UK on an expired visa, a storyline perfect for an EastEnders Christmas episode.

Well all that is in the past now and the fresh faced 20-year-old singer is set to release her debut album in March next year.

Gamu has revealed that after she was axed from the show she didn’t hear a single word from X Factor boss Simon Cowell or then judge Cheryl Cole, despite avid claims from Simon that he would be doing everything he could to help her win her battle to stay in the UK.  She told the Daily Mail,

But then, why would they remain in touch once I’d been evicted from the show?… It wasn’t an easy experience but I’m able now to look back on it from a distance and see what it gave me, and I’m grateful for that… I can see now why it happened. I didn’t have the right street image like Cher. I just didn’t fit the bill for Cheryl… It’s not easy but I understand that it’s a competition and that is the way it goes. I hold no ill feeling.

So in the end being ditched by one of the biggest money making machines in the music industry was a good thing, hmmm. Let’s just hope Gamu, achieves the same sort of success Cher Lloyd has.