15-year-old Kristy Bamu was tortured to death by his sister, Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend Eric Bikubi in an east London flat on Christmas day because they thought the teenager was a witch.

Kristy had been sent from Paris to London by his parents, accompanied by his four siblings aged between 11 and 22, to spend the festive period with their 28-year-old sister Magalie and her boyfriend Eric.

Eric and Magalie believed that Kristy was possessed with evil spirits so they smashed his teeth with a hammer, beat him with metal poles, ripped his ears with pliers and dropped heavy ceramic plates on top of his head, leaving him with 101 separate injuries before he drowned in the bath because he was too badly injured to keep his head afloat.

The family, who are originally from Congo where ‘Kindoki’ witchcraft is practised in society, even forced his two brothers and sisters to witness and join in with the attack. They too were reported to be abused during the four day ordeal.

Mr. Altman, a French speaking paramedic, translated to the court room Magalie’s explanation. When asked why she hadn’t done anything to protect them from Bikubi she said that the kids ‘deserved it’. Altman continued to tell the court

The children had no option other than to do as they were told or risk the same violence… As Kristy’s injuries became ever more severe, he pleaded to be allowed to die.

Eric Bikubi denies murder but admits manslaughter and assault on the grounds he was suffering from schizophrenia and was not responsible for his actions. Bamu denies murder and assault, the trial continues.