Anuvahood  director Adam Deacon had a school appearance cancelled today due to concerns about his ‘previous films’ which include scenes of gang culture.

The school in Woodford, north east London, announced Adam’s appearance to the students, made posters and tickets for the event but yesterday afternoon cancelled the talk which was supposed to take place today.

Students at the school were outraged and protested throughout the day, with students being locked in their form rooms and lessons being cancelled to deal with the commotion.

Students at Woodbridge High school Protesting

Despite Deacon’s manager, Dhanny Joshi informing senior staff at Woodbrige High School that he was a good role model, they weren’t having any of it.

I told them the fact that he’s up for the BAFTA Rising Star Award, made his own film Anuvahood, which became a box office success, and does a lot of charity work surely proves he’s a positive role model but they weren’t budging. It also begs the question was it a class issue. The fact is they wouldn’t have done this to Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise… Last week CNN interviewed the other nominees and left Adam out because “his audience doesn’t watch CNN”.

And although Deacon encouraged the students to get back to class, they were adamant on challenging the unfair decision made by the headteacher.

Congratulations Woodbridge staff, you will forever be known as the school that cancelled on Adam Deacon and you let your students down. Shame on you.