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On Tuesday Grime Daily released a video featuring some of the most opinionated women in the industry, discussing who they considered to be the Top 10 Sexiest Males in Grime and Rap.

We at Pappzd thought we would offer a few friendly words of advice and share who we thought should have made the list. And did someone say “Everyone is beautiful to their mum ?!” Ok, we know this panel need some assistance.

Apart from Skepta’s well deserved place at number one and appearances from Yungen and Giggs (he may not have the prettiest face but if you close your eyes, his voice is definitely sexy enough to earn his number six spot), we can’t help but question some of the artists that were picked and some of the ones they left out.

Lets begin with Ghetts shall we. He may have a certain crazy streak about him, which some could possibly find sexy (and in this case they did), but we hardly think that is enough to earn him a place on the Top 10 Sexiest Males list. The ladies said it was down to his charisma and energy, but we don’t know what that has to do with sex appeal.

I mean...

At number five, beating Yungen and Cashtastic, the panel chose Boy Better Know’s Frisco, claiming that he looks like he could “put in the work”. Though the only work we would want to see this guy putting in, is into his solo career.

J2k and Wretch 32 came in at number four and number three, which also baffles us. Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of Wretch and his sweet boy personality and his charm does make him attractive, however, this is a list based on sexiness and we think there are far more suitable candidates.

This (Wretch 32)... beat this (Cashtastic)?!

The ladies were adamant that K Koke, Pro Green and Devlin should have made the list, but enough of what they thought, here’s who we think should have been on the list.

Firstly, Scorcher. We don’t even think we need to explain our reason for this one and we did actually notice some of the ladies saying that they thought he should have got a spot in the Top 10, so he was considered.


Also, did these ladies not see Top Boy last year? Not only did Scorcher feature in the cast, but we were reminded how sexy Kano and Ashley Walters are. Those two artists definitely should have been given a place too.


A final few other names that we think should have been mentioned are: Black The Ripper (we love that head of hair), Dot Rotten, Griminal, Teezy (have you seen those eyes?!) and Bashy.


Not a bad job ladies, but for the next list, we think you should give us a call.